The legendary spiritual teacher and author of the seminal book Be Here Now, Ram Dass, says that you are in love when you are in a state of Being.

It means the state you are in when you are aligned with the energy of your Self that is pure Love.

Love is your natural state and that is why when you feel it, your whole body and mind vibrate at higher frequencies. You feel it freely flowing through your entire body and mind, and you can’t seem to get enough of it.

You don’t “receive love” from somebody else and you don’t “give love” to another person—a lover, a father, a mother, a child, a pet, nature, or even our possessions. Love is not a verb, either. It is a feeling, an emotion; it cannot be given or received.

Love is a deeply felt experience you can have when you allow your Self to express through you, when you open the gates of your body and mind and allow the love of your Self to run through you.

From this deep reverence of what loving truly means, it follows that loving yourself entails that you connect with the love that is the essence of your Self and allow that love to run through your entire being. As that happens, you see yourself in terms that are loving, respectful, and kind to the core. Chances are you have not been taught this way and are not used to the feeling of being so connected to your Self that it pours down your whole body and mind.

But it is very important to your healthy state of mind and happiness that you allow yourself to experience the essence of love. This does not come naturally to most people, and so it must be learned. 

This is an excerpt from the book:  Happiness No Matter What!

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