Do You Know How To Call Who You Really Really Are?

Of course I know who I am!  You will tell me:  "I am John or Marianne or Rupert, I am a doctor and I live in Chicago....".

All that seems to me that describes a name you were given, a profession you have chosen and a city where you happen to live.  But is that who you really are?  Is that your essence?  

And if that is not your essence what do you call who or what you really are?

The answer will differ, depending on your spiritual, religious, cultural, and/or philosophical tendencies. God, divinity, soul, Self, Christ, Jesus, Universe, love, light, Brahma, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Tao, Shiva, Yahweh, and Spirit are some of the more common names given to who we really, really are, and I agree with all of them. They all point to the same truth, and not one is better than another in describing your and my intrinsic natures as powerful and unlimited.

I choose to call my essence Self or Being. A particular instance or manifestation of the Source from which I, you, and everything else come into existence. It is divine in that it never dies, immensely creative, and abundant. It is love and its domain is the field of infinite possibilities. And we all share this same essence with everybody else on this planet. Only our external form is different, in the same way every single wave in the ocean is different from all others but they all share the same inherent “oceanic” quality.

You may be uncomfortable with such terms as godlike, divine, light, and love to describe your essence—and that is perfectly fine. You might choose instead to look at what science has to say on the nature of your human essence.

David Bohm, one of the founding fathers of quantum physics, illustrated the workings of a unified, undivided cosmos by saying that the universe works like a grand cosmic hologram. In a hologram, every portion of an object contains that object in its entirety, only on a smaller scale. Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, said that there is a matrix where the birth of stars, the DNA of life, and everything in between originates. Gregg Braden, scientist and best-selling New Age literature author, calls it the Divine Matrix.

It seems to me that they are talking about what the ancient scriptures of every major religion in the world already knew:  there is a Source from where we come and we are all part of it and we always stay connected to it. Maybe the name is Matrix, or God, or Self, Source, or Spirit. It is not important what we name it

So take your pick of what you want to call that core essence that is you. And if you have a good name for it, one that resonates more with you, use it instead of the one I suggest.

The naming is not important to the process of discovery and transformation.

What is profoundly important is that you know that there is so much more to who you think you are. That your authentic “I” has nothing to do with the ego and its limiting beliefs or with what the outside world has been telling you that you are.

Claim your inheritance!

You owe it to yourself to open up and enjoy the riches of your Self.

Jesus said, “Be still and know you are God.”

The Buddha said, “If you see the Buddha down the road kill him.” (You are your own Buddha).

Vedanta says, “Man, nature, and god are all the same.”

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