How Will I Know?

You miracle-seekers are always wanting signs

So where are they?


Go to bed crying and wake up the same,

Plead for what doesn't come

Until it darkens your days.

Give away everything, even your mind,

Sit down in the fire, wanting to become ashes, 

And when you meet with a sword,

Throw yourself on it.

Fall into the habit of such helpless mad things --

You will have your sign. 


This magnificent chain of thoughts drops into the soul and bathes it with beauty and also with ancient truth.

In this ecstatic longing for god Rumi warns us about the perils of giving in to negativity. 

In a few stances, he turns the light into what really happens to your mind and soul when you fall into “the habit of such helpless mad things…”

Rumi is not advocating wishful thinking, or make believe all is right.  He is exulting the fact that what you need to know is already in you.   No external sign will change that truth.

Just know it, accept it and stop doubting and asking for signs.  Know it is there for you and refuse to let doubt and negativity bend you down, take you into the abyss of helplessness and tears. 

Rumi is adamant about the danger and nefarious consequences of giving into the darkness of the mind:  “You meet with a sword… throw yourself on it.”

In Happiness No Matter What!  We explore the way of the knower, the Rumi way: The Fifth Principle states:  “You Are a Powerful Creator!   It exhorts you to:  "Own the power of your thoughts and transform your life.”

Practice the way of the knower.   Learn how a few profoundly transformative exercises lead you into thinking yourself into a happier more successful you and into a richer more prosperous life.

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