- Satya Life Coaching -

Satya Life Coaching and integral Life Coaching practice dedicated to your transformation into joy, peace and creativity.

Satya is truth.  Your truth is that profound part of you that is already whole, peaceful and happy.  You access and feel it when you are connected with the present moment and your values and truth are in alignment.

Satya philosophy and its practice translate into a liberating force that helps you break open into a life of freedom, choice and joy.

We help you re-connect with your Satya in a profound way so that you can permanently transform your life into the kind of life you deserve.   We find that meditation is the most efficient and reliable tool to take you to live in the present in contact with your true essence.

At the base and foundation of Satya coaching practice we expect the client to have a daily meditation practice.  Either the client already has an established one or is open to learn to meditate as part of the program.

It is a hands on practice.  Nothing in our interaction is non practical or non attainable.  We look together at the integral you, at where you are today.  We look at your core values, what inspires and mobilizes you, what you think you want to change, what you want to add or take out of your life right now.

We get to the core of what you think you want and need but we go deeper into discovering how your values influence your decisions and how your beliefs can be limiting you in all or some aspects of your life.   You get empowered with tools and strategies that will lead you into happier and more creative ways of doing and living.

Results are permanent and usually take just a short time to manifest.  Depending on the issue to investigate and work on, the average coaching time is 1.5-to 2 hours weekly meetings for 4 to 8 weeks with monthly follow up sessions.   All sessions are supported by emails that strengthen the discipline of your work and the goals you are intending to achieve and manifest.

The coaching process:

  • Initial consultation of about 1.5 hours.  
  • Individual plan of action prepared to start work on the intentions set up at the initial consultation.
  • Estimated sessions and goals for each session.  Average once to twice weekly meetings 4 to 8 weeks.
  • Evaluation of progress.
  • New strategies are considered in mutual agreement.