- What is meditation? -

Meditation is a technique to quiet the mind

- What are the benefits of Meditation? -

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  • Better sleep

  • Faster Healing

  • Improves eyesight

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Increase energy level

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Increases lung capacity

  • Better breathing

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  • Lower stress

  • Develops creativity

  • Improves performance

  • Develops compassion and love

  • Improves concentration and memory

  • Balance emotions

  • Brings clarity to the mind

  • Terminates addiction to alcohol and drugs

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  • Encourage sense of peace

  • Consistent sense of well being

  • Makes you realize the true form of inner self

  • Takes you towards the source of eternal bliss.


- About Meditation -


Whats the purpose of meditation?

To train our attention into clarity and focus to become more mindful of life. To train the muscles of attention to become more  connected with life and be able to notice what happens inside and outside of ourselves.  To train our minds to be present for our partners, loved ones, and all that comes into our lives; in a word,  to be more fully present to all the richness of life. 

Why would you want to quiet your mind?

Because behind the busy mind of your thoughts lies the secret of your existence: wisdom.   Meditation is the tool that best takes you to that place of pure silence where everything, including thoughts, originates. In stillness you encounter your innate capacities for true love, creativity, joy, peace and healing. 

Do you need a meditation teacher?

If you have access to an experienced meditation teacher, it is best to take a few sessions of meditation instruction and guidance. The instructor can recommend the style of meditation he or she thinks is most appropriate for you at this time in your life.  A caring teacher would help you start on a smooth road and clear misunderstandings about the practice of meditation, expectations and usual resistances and blockages that we all may have in the beginning.   A good sound start provides the solid ground on which you want to build your practice and reap its benefits for life.  

However, a teacher is not absolute necessary. You can learn from books, videos and audios.  Start easy and try to attend a retreat or join a meditation group.   In the book "Happiness No Matter What!"  you will find a few helpful guided meditations and also on the video section of this site.   Please feel free to write to us with questions:  info@monicabelizan.com.  We really welcome and answer them.  

- Learn to meditate -


If you are curious about what meditation really is, how it would help you in your every day life, what you will gain from it, for how long you have to sit in meditation and  how do you do it, this talk is designed for you.  

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