Nunca en mis más salvajes sueños, hubiera podido imaginar que  viviría en un pueblo chico, a 8,000 pies sobre el nivel del mar, en un constante estado de asombro.


Nunca en mis sueños más fantásticos, hubiera podido pintar una naturaleza más majestuosa, ni observar el constante hipnotizador cambio de colores y formas.  Siempre algo nuevo, algo fantástico, algo tal vez místico.


Nunca en mis momentos más positivos de New Age, hubiera creído posible que yo podría, en fríos que oscilan entre los 11 y 14 grados bajo cero, sentir ese frio gélido y no solo no quejarme, sino que además encontrarme seducida por una profunda curiosidad sobre la resistencia humana, la relación entre naturaleza y ser humano, el poder de la mente sobre la materia y los resultados del hábito.


Nunca en mis momentos más gitanos, hubiera pensado que yo, una amante de las grandes ciudades, podría vivir en un pueblo tan minúsculo y disfrutar enteramente el contacto directo, íntimo y penetrante con las montañas gigantescas, los ríos, los bosques, la nieve, el cielo, los osos, las hienas, los pájaros… la gente.


Nunca en mi más apasionada defensa por un vivir con simpleza, hubiera podido imaginar realmente lo que es vivir entre personas que se gustan y que son inclusivas .., personas que se conectan sin una pizca de pretensión, que simplemente se conectan. El bombero al lado del médico, al lado del maestro, al lado del concejal, al lado de la señora de la limpieza ... en la misma cafetería o bar, simplemente compartiendo el espacio con amabilidad. Es como si todos fueran parte de un pacto secreto: ser amables, agradables, gustarse a sí mismos, gustar de los demás, ser felices.


Nunca hubiera pensado que tal vez es esto lo que significa vivir con integridad holística, con un claro reconocimiento de la aventura que ofrece el momento. Tal vez esté dada por la historia única de este pequeño pueblo, por su belleza absoluta, por la decisión orgullosa y concienzuda de su gente de "vivir simplemente". Sea lo que sea lo que integra la ecuación, funciona de una manera que nunca hubiera imaginado posible para mí o para ninguna otra persona que hasta hace muy poco he conocido.



Les escribo rodeada por las 3,301 personas que viven en Telluride, Colorado.


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Never ever ever ever in my wildest dreams, I would have imagined I would live in a small town, at 8,000 feet above the sea level, and be in constant awe.

Never in my most fantastic dreams, I could have painted a more majestic beauty, and observe it changing colors and shapes by the hour, always anew.

Never, not even in my most New Age positive moments, I would have believed that temperatures that range for days between 6 and 12 degrees Fahrenheit, would feel really cold, but would not see me complaining. Instead, find me in an awakened deep curiosity about true human resilience, mind over matter and the results of habits.

Never ever in my most gypsy moments, I would have thought that I, a big city loving I, could live in a small town, and utterly enjoy the pervasively close, immediate contact, with the gigantic mountains, the rivers, the woods, the snow, the sky, the bears, the hyenas, the birds, the people.

Never even in my most passionate defense for simple living, I would have truthfully been able to imagine what it is to live amongst people who genuinely like each other and are inclusive… People who connect without a speck of pretense, just connecting. The firefighter next to the doctor, next to the teacher, next to the councilman, next to the cleaning lady… at the same coffee shop or bar, just affably sharing the space.   It is as if they all share a secret pact:  to be kind, to be pleasant, to like themselves, to like others, to be happy.

I never would have ever thought that maybe this is what it means to live with holistic integrity, with a clear recognition of the adventure of the moment. Maybe it is given by the town’s unique history, by its absolute beauty, by its people’s conscientious decision and pride in “simple living”.   Whatever is in the equation, it just works in a way that I would have never ever ever imagined possible for me or anybody I knew.


I am writing to you from amongst the 3,301 people who live in Telluride.  



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I wish I could treat myself the way my GPS treats me!

loving myself - girl mirror.jpeg


Loving yourself as if you were your best friend.

For starters let’s see what the noise and hype about self-esteem really is. 

Self-esteem is a standard of  “success” has everybody trying to get as much of it as they possibly can. 

Self-esteem is a judgment of oneself, of one’s own worth.

The proponents of self-esteem as a measure of success state that in order to have a good dose of self-esteem you have to believe and feel you are indeed very successful. And the way you get there is by measuring yourself against everybody else, by being better than or superior to everybody else. It has gotten so out of hand that you cannot be “average” or “common” or “normal” anymore. To be considered successful, you have to be exceptional.

Because of the perceived importance of good self-esteem, people work hard to achieve it. This makes sense if you believe that as you raise your self-esteem, you raise your value in your own eyes and in the eyes of those who judge you.

This race to be awesome as fast as possible has been captured by a huge industry that promises to deliver big chunks of self-esteem if you buy whatever it is they are selling. It targets the whole gamut of human existence—cosmetics, plastic surgery, cars, housing, vacations, clothing, restaurants, schools, neighborhoods, even special courses and seminars. They all promise to make you feel better about yourself, to raise your value so that you can compete better in this world.

Not even children are spared from learning to be awesome. They play with toys that aim to be role models for the winners in this race, just like Barbie’s boyfriend “totally cool Ken” and other manufactured role models.

I find this self-esteem doctrine that emphasizes your worth quite disruptive and damaging. It’s a recipe for a life riddled with anxiety and frustration that can easily lead to depression or delusional narcissism. 

To learn more visit:  Happiness No Matter What!  The Essential Seven Principles Program for a Happy You

 I would love to hear what you think about the role of self-esteem in today's society and in your own life. 

Love and Light,


Please share your comments below!  I love getting your emails, but if you write your comments here, we can start a conversation going.

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Man in Universe - Jeremy Thomas

Man in Universe - Jeremy Thomas

We have been exploring lying, why we lie and why it is an addiction quite omnipresent in our industrialized societies.  We also talked about the fact that there are all kinds and levels of lies and that although most lies are apparently benign, they are only apparently so. 

All lies leave a mark, a scar in our dignity, in who we think we are and in the way we relate to ourselves and to the rest of the world. 

The liar thinks, or lies to himself into thinking, that he can keep the pretense, but he cannot hide forever.   We all know most of the time when someone is lying.  We feel it, and we don’t like it, we end up resenting the liar.

Sooner or later, lying corrodes all relationships, primarily with yourself and then with all others.

Most people lie without even knowing they are lying, it is their default way of communicating, so they make excuses, give explanations, hide information, twist facts for many reasons but most commonly to save face or to make others believe they are “more” of what they are not, and they even lie to avoid hurting others.  We are “experts” at masking the truth.

I just came across an interesting take on lying: what Seth Godin calls “modern lazy” a 21st Century style of laziness.  He says:

"the old lazy avoided cleaning the garage or doing the dishes or cutting the grass, but that the “modern lazy avoids emotional labor.”  

This modern lazy is a typical modern liar.  It is someone that has sold his soul to the comfort of not being accountable for most anything of true value.  The modern lazy hides behind “non-commitment” and “non-interfering” because he does not want to do the “emotional labor” that committing requires. 

This modern lazy avoids emotional labor.  And what that means is that the modern lazy lacks the courage to question her convictions, lacks the dignity to look at the facts as she sees them, to ask the obvious question because it may result in a painful answer, to be fully present for the other or for a cause that she is pretending to care for, to get involved with what she knows is just, with what can help others, to encourage meaningful conversations and true dialogues instead of arguments, or to face her fears

This emotional laziness paints the sorrow picture of a life lived in the darkness of a lie.

If left unchecked it becomes our digital imprint and the sad irrelevant mark we end up leaving behind us in this world.

Modern lazy is not aware of how much he is depriving himself of the riches of life.  He is not present to life in all its colors and textures; he glides over them terrified of losing distance and landing over them.  

Modern lazy chooses to live life in hiding, escaping from contributing to the world.  But what he does not know is that if one day he throws away his mask, he can with his unique and dignified truth enhance the quality of his life and the integrity of his world

Love and light,


Please share your comments below!  I love getting your emails, but if you write your comments here, we can start a conversation going.

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non truth.jpeg

Why do I lie so much, and why should I care if I lie?

Most of us lie most of the time.  We all tell big lies, little lies, white lies, red and black lies… we tell all kinds of lies.  We don’t think much about all this lying, we seem to think that this lying is like taking a shower, something you do and often.

Yet, lying has profound consequences on how we live, on how we interpret life and on how we relate to our human fellows.  It establishes the color and tenor in all our relationships and in how we connect with ourselves and the world around us.

There are all kinds of lies, from huge lies that can impact our life in profound ways such as denying a crime we have committed, to medium lies like pretending you care when you don’t, to smaller lies like stealing an apple at the grocery store.  But regardless of the size and weight of our lies, they all leave a scar in our integrity, and if left unchecked, in the long run they lead us to a chaotic life. 

To lie is to intentionally mislead others when they expect honest communications. 

It is a non-very subtle form of betrayal, and it surely corrodes the level of trust between friends. The liar, if she has any awareness of the fact that she is lying, imagines that she is not harming the other person in as long as her lie goes unnoticed.  She will mostly give you long winded or convoluted excuses of why she did what she did to avoid embarrassment, to exaggerate her abilities, to disguise wrongdoing, to spare your feelings, to pretend what she is not, and or to get out of a situation. 

We sometimes become so used to lying and just saying whatever will get us to where we want to be, that we don’t even realize we are lying. 

The deceit of lying becomes so ingrained in our psyches and behavior that many many times, we don’t even know we are lying.   

When I say I will call you back, that I will return your book, that I will check on your email, that I will look into your question, that I did not see you, that I did not have it, and so on, with no real intention of doing it, or truth to back it up, I am deceiving and I am lying to you.   And lying is a breach of trust, and it is damaging to any relationship, not only because of the inherent deceit but also because it implies the arrogant stance of thinking that I am so smart that I can cheat you.

I am not exaggerating the severity and the deep implications that lying has in our life mainly because it corrodes our happiness and our wellbeing.

But the next time, right as you are about to make an excuse, or about to share a belief, or take a stance on a group decision, stop for a moment and check your motivation. Check what is the intention behind your action verbal or not.  Check what is the purpose of your interaction.  Give yourself some space to decide if it is aligned with your integrity, your truth and your desire to connect to what is honest, then, once you decide, proceed with full awareness

Ask yourself whether you are about to strengthen your sense of honor, integrity and dignity, or whether you are strengthening  your sense of deceit and dishonor.

Although lying is popular, honesty is the biggest gift we can give others and ourselves.  Once we commit to it and we live by it, it becomes a source of power. 

We need to emulate those wise and compassionate human beings marked by sterling honesty who have made a mark in the history of humanity.  We can do it.  We can start right now by learning to pay attention to what we are doing and thinking and by practicing to become aware of what is our own truth at any given moment.  

We will learn not to compromise our integrity and we will thus allow the best of us to shine through.  We will start a new world!

Love and light,


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non truth.jpeg

¿Por qué miento tanto, y por qué me debe importar si miento?

La mayoría de nosotros miente la mayor parte del tiempo. Todos decimos grandes mentiras, pequeñas mentiras, mentiras blancas, mentiras rojas y negras ... decimos todo tipo de mentiras. No pensamos mucho acerca de estas mentiras, parece que pensamos que mentir es como tomar una ducha, algo que hacemos y con frecuencia.  

Sin embargo, la mentira tiene profundas consecuencias sobre cómo vivimos, sobre cómo interpretamos la vida y sobre cómo nos relacionamos con nuestros compañeros humanos. Establece el color y el tenor de todas nuestras relaciones, en cómo nos conectamos con nosotros mismos y con el mundo que nos rodea.

Hay todo tipo de mentiras, desde grandes mentiras que pueden afectar nuestra vida de manera profunda, como negar un crimen que hemos cometido, a mentiras medianas como fingir que algo te importa cuando  realmente no te importa, a mentiras más pequeñas como el robar una manzana en el mercado.  Pero independientemente del tamaño y del peso de nuestras mentiras, todas dejan una cicatriz en nuestra integridad la que sin control, a la larga nos lleva a una vida caótica.

Mentir significa engañar intencionalmente a alguien que espera una comunicación honesta.

Es una forma de traición no muy sutil que corroe el nivel de confianza entre los miembros de la familia, de amigos y colegas.   

El que miente, si tiene conciencia de que está mintiendo, se imagina que no está perjudicando a la otra persona mientras tanto su mentira pase desapercibida.   El que está acostumbrado a mentir da excusas largas y enrevesadas de por qué hizo lo que hizo, para evitar la vergüenza,  para exagerar sus habilidades, para disfrazar el mal que hizo,  para no herir sentimientos, para fingir lo que no es, para salir de una situación que no le conviene, entre otros motivos.  

A veces nos acostumbramos a mentir como un reflejo condicionado que nos lleva a decir lo que sea con tal que nos lleve a donde queremos estar.  El engaño y la falsedad se pueden vuelven tan arraigados en nuestra psique y comportamiento que muchas veces, ni siquiera sabemos que estamos mintiendo.

Cuando digo que te devolveré la llamada, que devolveré tu libro, que revisaré tu correo electrónico, que examinaré tu pregunta, que no te vi, que no la tuve, y así sucesivamente, sin ninguna intención real de hacerlo, o verdad que me respalde, estoy engañando y te estoy mintiendo.

La mentira establece una brecha en la confianza y es por eso que es tremendamente perjudicial en cualquier relación, no solo por el engaño inherente, sino porque también indica la arrogancia de pensar que soy tan inteligente que puedo engañarte cuando y como quiero.

No estoy exagerando la gravedad y las profundas implicaciones que la mentira tiene en nuestra vida, porque cuando se vuelve un hábito, termina  corroyendo nuestra felicidad y nuestro bienestar.

Si la próxima vez que estás a punto de dar una excusa, o de compartir una “creencia”, o de tomar una postura ante una decisión, esperas un momento para verificar cual es tu motivación, verificar cuál es realmente tu intención para afirmar lo que vas a afirmar, si esperas un momento para verificar cuál es el propósito de tu interacción, solamente entonces puedes decidir si tu intención se alinea con tu integridad, tu verdad y tu deseo de conectarse con lo que es honesto.

Pregúntate si estás a punto de fortalecer tu sentido de honor, integridad y dignidad, o si estás fortaleciendo tu sentido de engaño y deshonor.

Aunque mentir es popular, la honestidad es el mayor regalo que podemos hacer a los demás y a nosotros mismos. Una vez que nos comprometemos con él y lo vivimos, se convierte en una fuente de poder.

Necesitamos emular a aquellos que han dejado una huella en la historia de la humanidad como seres humanos sabios y compasivos marcados por honestidad genuina. Podemos hacerlo.  Podemos comenzar ahora mismo aprendiendo a prestar atención a lo que estamos haciendo y pensando, y dedicándonos a practicar a tomar conciencia de cuál es realmente nuestra propia verdad en un momento dado.

Podemos aprender a no comprometer nuestra integridad y así permitir que lo mejor en nosotros brille y nos ilumine. ¡Comenzaremos un nuevo mundo!

Amor y Luz,


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¿Cómo puede el 2018 ser un año del que podamos estar orgullosos?

Un año en sí mismo es tan solo unos pocos cientos de días, pero la forma como nos presentemos al año es de transcendental importancia, ya que le dará el color y definirá su tono.  Según como decidamos vivirlo haremos del 2018 el año en el que el mundo se convirtió en un lugar más iluminado y más dulce, o en un lugar más amargo y más oscuro. 

Resoluciones de Año Nuevo, del estilo habitual son una lista de declaraciones que responden a ¿qué voy a hacer? ¿qué voy a obtener?... son solo eso, declaraciones y afirmaciones que casi nunca se cumplen.  ¿Y porqué?  Porque la mayoría de ellas son formuladas por la diminuta mente del ego y responden a las necesidades del ego, se tratan de mí, mí, mí y mis necesidades para finalmente poder llegar a ser feliz.  Tienden tan solo a satisfacer nuestra máscara psicológica y no a quien realmente somos. 

Acabamos de celebrar la Navidad, aunque la mayoría de nosotros no tenemos idea de lo que realmente celebramos.  No celebramos el nacimiento de un bebé hace unos 2000 años atrás.  Celebramos el nacimiento de Cristo en nosotros.  Celebramos que nos permitimos abrirnos a nuestra inmensa capacidad, a nuestra esencia divina, a nuestra conexión con la Fuente de todo lo que existe. 

La celebración de Navidad es en realidad un reconocimiento de quienes somos verdaderamente, es un asumir todo lo que somos.  Jesús dijo:  “tú y yo somos iguales”.  La diferencia entre Jesús y nosotros  es que nosotros no aceptamos que somos intrínsecamente divinos y que tenemos el mismo inmenso poder que Jesús tenía.  Jesús sabía su verdad, “mi Padre y yo somos uno”.  Había actualizado su verdadero Ser en el poder del amor divino y vivía desde ese lugar y así sanó a los enfermos y resucitó los muertos.  Nosotros podemos también… si aceptamos que somos mucho más que lo que nuestra mente estrecha y mezquina nos dice que somos. 

La celebración del Año Nuevo, tan pronto después de Navidad, nos da la oportunidad para profundizar en la realización de la conciencia de Cristo recién nacida en nosotros.  Y lo expresamos en nuestras Resoluciones de Año Nuevo. 

Cuando me permito tomar conciencia de mi capacidad innata, no pienso en las Resoluciones de Año Nuevo en términos de lo que necesito, quiero, merezco, conseguiré, seré, me transformaré.  Tampoco me refiero a descubrir mi potencial o la mejor versión de mí misma en algún momento en el futuro.  Cuando acepto quién soy realmente, sé que tengo capacidades inherentes inmensas y comienzo a usarlas ahora mismo, un día a la vez.  No espero hasta llegar a ser perfecta en el desarrollo de mi capacidad, sino que sé que existe aquí, en mí, ahora, y que brillará más y más a medida que la practico a partir de ahora.  

El descubrir y conectar con nuestro verdadero Ser, vuelve nuestros días alegres, pacíficos y completos.  Sabemos que nuestra misión es ser felices, disfrutar la vida pase lo que pase, y no solo para nosotros mismos, sino para transmitirla a todos los que nos rodean y más allá.  Nos hacemos responsable de cómo vivimos y lo hacemos guiados por un profundo deseo de ayudar, de servir a los demás.  Estamos motivados por el anhelo de ayudar a que este mundo sea un lugar más dulce.  No culpamos a nadie ni a nada por lo que no nos gusta o no funciona en nuestras vidas.  Damos, en cambio, la bienvenida a la conciencia de cuál es nuestra contribución individual al mejoramiento del todo. 

Nuestra Resolución de Año Nuevo se convierte así en un pedido honorable:


Pueda yo actualizar la verdad de quién soy realmente.

Pueda yo transformarme en quién verdaderamente soy.

Pueda yo asumir responsabilidad de cómo puedo ayudar en el 2018.

Pueda yo servir a mi familia, mi comunidad, mi país, al medio ambiente.

Pueda yo contribuir  a que éste sea un mundo más alegre, pacífico y dulce.




¡Mis mejores deseos para un feliz Año Nuevo!

Que en el 2018 todos veamos la luz que realmente somos.


HAPPINESS NO MATTER WHAT!  l os siete principios esenciales para tu felicidad .

HAPPINESS NO MATTER WHAT! los siete principios esenciales para tu felicidad.



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How can we make 2018 a year we can be proud of?

The year in itself is just a few hundred days, but how we show up for them, is what will give them their color and tone.  How we live them will make this 2018 either the year when the world became a bit sweeter more enlightened place or a bitter and darker place.

New Year Resolutions, of the usual kind, a list of statements that answer to what am I going to do? what am I going to get?…  are just a bunch of wishful statements and proclamations that almost never come alive.  And why is that?  Because most of them are formulated from our tiny ego mind and they respond to the needs of the ego, they are all about me, me, me and my needs to finally be happy.  They tend to satisfy our psychological mask and not who we truly indeed are at the core of our being. 

We just celebrated Christmas, although most of us have no idea of what we truly celebrated.  We did not celebrate the birth of a baby about 2000 years ago.  We celebrated the birth of Christ in us.  We celebrated that we allowed ourselves to open up to our immense capacity, our divine essence, our connection to the Source of all there is.   

Christmas is actually a recognition of who we truly are, an actualization of all we are.  Jesus said:  “you and I are the same.”  The difference between Jesus and us is that we don’t accept that we are inherently divine and that we have the same immense power that he had.  Jesus knew who he truly was, “I and my father are one.”  He had actualized his true self in the power of love, he lived from that place and he healed the sick and resurrected the dead.  We can too… if we only accept we are much more than what our narrow and petty ego mind tells us we are.  

The celebration of New Year, so soon after Christmas, gives us an opportunity to deepen the realization of our newly born Christ consciousness.  And we express it in our Resolutions. 

As I allow myself to become aware of my innate capacity, I do not think of New Year Resolutions in terms of what I need, I want, I deserve, I will get, I will become, I will be.  I do not talk about discovering my potential and the best version of myself sometime in the future. When I accept who I truly am, I know that I have immense inherent capabilities, and I start using them right now, one day at the time.  I do not wait till I am perfect at them, but know that my capacity is here in me now and that it will shine more and more as I practice it starting now. 

Discovering and connecting with our true Self, turn our days joyful, peaceful and complete.  We know that our mission is to be happy, to enjoy life no matter what, not only for ourselves but to pass it along to all who come in contact with us and beyond.  We become responsible for how we live and we do it guided by a deeply felt desire to be of help, of service to others.  We are motivated by a yearning to help make this world a sweeter place to be.  We do not blame anybody or anything for what is not working in our lives.  We instead welcome the awareness of what is our own individual contribution to the betterment of it all.

Our New Year Resolution then becomes an honorable request:

May I actualize the truth about who I really am.

May I become who I really am.

May I know how to show up for 2018

May I be of service to my family, my community, my country, the environment.

May I contribute to making this a more joyful, peaceful, sweeter world.


MY VERY BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May you all see the light you are in 2018!



Happiness No Matter What!     The essential seven principles program for a happy you.

Happiness No Matter What!  The essential seven principles program for a happy you.



I would love to hear your comments!  Let's talk and start a dialogue of likeminded light bearers!  Leave your comments here or email me to:


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It is the Holiday Season. But what does it mean to you? What can the Holidays do for you and your life?

aaron burden/unsplash

aaron burden/unsplash


The term Holiday originally referred to a consecrated day, a religious festival, a day of grace.   Skipping the reference to religion, it described a day put aside to reflect on something bigger than us, a god, a saint, a hero; it memorialized someone or something we admired and/or we were grateful for, it reminded us of contributions made by truly evolved humans beings to our humanity and of how they advanced us by their example.

But the term slowly but surely changed through the years and in 1937 it flourished as a greeting for: “Happy Holidays!”  Camel cigarette adds made it widely popular as a Christmas greeting. It became an exhortation to relax, to do nothing, to just let the lungs do the work.  

It later morphed into a non-working day devoted to reap the blessings of shopping and sales-hunting. Nowadays the holiday greeting could very well be:  “It’s a Holiday, shop till you drop”… sort of thing.

There is nothing wrong with that if that is what fulfills us, what makes us better people, closer to our friends and loved ones, if it is what turns us softer and less judgmental, more benevolent and truly happy.  Maybe that is your experience of the holidays, but it is not mine

Yes, I do like to have fun and I like to enjoy with my family and friends and give and receive presents and savor mostly great foods, and see everybody smiling a lot –hopefully. 

But yet, we are missing the point as we strip the sacred aspect of the Holidays.  In so doing we miss the opportunity to reflect on what it is that we are celebrating, what greatness names the Holiday we are enjoying, and how we can bring it into our awareness to make it ours, so that it can guide us to evolve into a greater version of ourselves.

I am not trying to water down the holidays.  I am yes, trying to bring together with the shopping and the turkey and the pies, the original sanctity of the Holidays.  I want to ascend them to their original meaning so that we become aware that we can indeed incorporate the attributes we gather to celebrate and enrich our lives.

Thanksgiving is past now, it is 3 full days gone by now, but since I still have my laptop jammed with Cyber Monday “attacks”… I would like to take the opportunity to reflect on Gratitude once again. 

Gratitude is the direct path to grace, to happiness, to wholeness, and to peace.  That is what Thanksgiving can remind us to bring more of into our lives.

Happy Sacred Holiday Season!!!!

Love and Light,


I appreciate all your emails and would love to see your comments here.  Thank you!


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Thanksgiving is here again!  One more opportunity we have to think about what really matters and be grateful for it all.  It is a truly enlightened festivity in that it highlights the immense power we receive when we celebrate life.

Yes, I believe that Thanksgiving is the most sacred day of the year and I am fortunate and---very thankful—that I live in a country that takes one day of the year to say and think:  Thank you! 

Usually, I suggest that we make lists of all the benefits we receive and enjoy.  

But this year I am strongly motivated to share with you a special form of gratitude that has the sweet connotations of a deep prayer.  It shares the true meaning of gratitude and involves us in contemplative prayer.

I am referring to a magnificent piece of music written by Violeta Parra and sung by a true master of life  --Mercedes Sosa.

GRACIAS A LA VIDA is the original version.  The following video is in Spanish with English subtitles.   If you do not understand Spanish, listen to it feeling the emotion of her heartfelt THANK YOU TO LIFE.

I would love to hear your comments!   And if you want to keep them private send me an email to: 

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