Learn to Meditate
in two steps

1· Free Consultation  --- Half Hour-- 

This is a One-On-One phone call or, preferably a personal conversation, designed to give you the opportunity to learn more and ask about the full four module course, and to give you details that will help you decide if meditation is right for you at this time.  

This initial conversation will also let us figure out together what will be the best schedule for the Four Module Course.  We offer private, group and corporate courses and the schedule is kept as flexible as possible without diluting the essence of learning to establish your meditation practice.  

All courses are taught by Monica and since demand is high, we ask that you schedule well in advance so we accommodate you and/or your group as best as possible.  

2 · Learn a Meditation Practice for Life  

                      ---Four Module Course---

This deeply involved course integrates four modules that meet four contiguous days for two hours each day.  Only upon special permission we can sometimes arrange for the four modules to be completed in two contiguous weekends. The full course takes eight hours to complete.

At the very first session you receive a mantra*** and learn the fundamentals of the meditation technique together with clear instructions on how to meditate.  We meditate together on that very first session and you are encouraged and expected to meditate at home on your own that very same day. 

In the subsequent sessions,  you refine your practice and deepen the knowledge on the dynamics of meditation, of your meditation.  We expand on your experiences, doubts, questions, and all relevant feelings and emotions that you would like to explore.  You learn how meditation expands your awareness in a way that keeps you more and more mindful of your everyday choices and of opportunities for enriching your life.   

All sessions are interactive, and all questions are encouraged and worked upon to give you a thorough understanding of the meditative procedure and experience.  Modules are designed so as to give you a very detailed understanding of what to expect and what not to expect from your meditation practice. 

These four modules will give you a profound knowledge and a deep experience of a true meditation practice.  At the end you will be fully prepared to make meditation a life practice.  Meditation will become your daily practice --habit-- that will help you more and more to connect to your innermost self and to the way you live your life.  

This full course is offered in several Manhattan and East Hampton locations according to the group or the individual student. 

Once you complete the Four Module Course you are entitled to unlimited free lifetime access to ask email questions about your practice.  You also receive updates on workshops and courses that you are invited to attend for free.   


*** I will explain what a mantra is and how it works and you will be given the option to decide whether you want to practice with a mantra or just with the breath.