- About Monica -


Monica Belizan is a writer and published author, a Chopra Center Certified Meditation Instructor and Life Coach. She teaches Meditation and Mindfulness classes regularly in New York City and leads workshops on in New York City and East Hampton, and at local shelters for victims of Domestic Abuse.  Works with private and corporate clients. 

Originally from Argentina, she has done her advanced studies in Political Sciences and Public Policy in USA. Was consultant for International Organizations in Washington DC and now lives with her family permanently in New York City. 

Published Author:
"Happiness No Matter What", released in 2016 introduces a unique and transformative program for sustainable happiness.
#1 Winner of New York Book Festival- 2017-

Meditation and Mindfulness of New York.
Dedicated to make meditation accessible to as many people as possible.

Satya Life Coaching
Monica's signature private coaching practice. A unique integral approach to life transformation that holds daily meditation practice and energy work at its core. Also teaches workshops geared to women going through pregnancy --pre and post delivery.  

Energetic Healer:
Monica combines theory and practice with the powerful energetic transmissions of Johrei.  She studied under Joshi Kato in the early 80's and was instrumental in bringing Johrei to the Nation's Capital.

Monica has studied and practiced the teachings of the ancient wisdom of the East as well as those of today’s best minds.  Since the early 90's she has studied closely with Deepak Chopra, and other contemporary true masters including: Neil Walsh, Wayne Dyer, Jean Houston, Dr Pilai, and Marianne Williamson.